Our History


The Immanuel Piranhas Swimming Club was formed in May 2007 through the renaming of the Sturt Flinders Piranhas Swimming Club to PBA Piranhas. It was created and inspired by triple Olympian, Glenn Beringen. Immanuel Piranhas encourages all swimmers to reach their full potential through a supportive environment with expert coaching that inspires excellence.


In 2017 the Club re-branded with a new name as the Immanuel Piranhas Swimming Club Inc.


The Immanuel Piranhas Swimming Club's association with the resident swim school, iSwim and its partnership with Immanuel College Novar Gardens - allows junior swimmers with interest in a club environment to become an active participant in our social and competitive events.



Immanuel Piranhas Swimming Club


Immanuel Piranhas squads are under the guidance of manager and coaching director Carolyn Veldhuyzen, who is supported by our professional coaching leadership team of Paul Johnson, Grant Muller and Rian Pate.


Immanuel Piranhas caters for a range of swimming disciplines including pool swimming, open water/surf lifesaving, triathletes, and juniors through to masters; bringing together swimmers and coaches that encourage and foster each other‘s individual strengths to strive to be the best they can be. Working together for the best outcome, engaging and supporting all swimmers - through developing a partnership between swimmer and coach/es.


Being part of a Swim Club like Immanuel Piranhas can open up a world of possibilities for swimmers of all abilities. Our core value is to create an environment that fosters positive, engaging and enjoyable experiences, for both our families and swimmers. Whether you're just starting out, training more seriously, or to swim competitively, combined with our fun and friendly environment allows swimmers to unlock their potential to take their swimming to the next level. We focus on the personal growth of each swimmer through both sport-specific and social skills.


We have a state-of-the-art, indoor, heated swimming pool 25 metre x 10 lane pool, boasting adjustable trackstart blocks. Swimmers have access to training sessions 6 days a week, morning and afternoon/evenings.



Our Culture


We promote the following attributes within the Club through our culture as:

  • Having supportive families and athletes
  • To be friendly and positive in marshalling, including your opponents; where we offer positive encouragement and comments only, as we value sportsmanship highly
  • To be respectful of each other (parents/guardians and swimmers), if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say it all philosophy
  • Acting as ‘One Team’ at all times, this includes sitting together with coaches and team managers at a meet. Support and encourage everyone.